Summer in Scotland
Summer in Scotland – Sunshine Pouring onto the Mountains

Summer in Scotland is a depiction of Scotland through rain and shine. Even the sun is raining onto the ‘divine’ mountains and pours onto the arable pasture.

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Titans, Gods & Men
Titans, Gods & Men

Titans, Gods & Men is a large, 1m x 1m, colourful acrylic on canvas that suggests the relationship between the ancient mythical hierarchy of Titans, Gods & Men.

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Ninian North Oil Platform
Ninian North Oil Platform & St. Ninian

Ninian North & St. Ninian is a large 1m x 1m acrylic on canvas painting depicting the Ninian North Platform on a grey Winters day with the image of St. Ninian filling the sky.

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Oil Platform in a Squall
Oil Platform in a Squall – A Fantasy of Engineering

Oil Platform in a Squall is a fantasy view of a fictitious platform during high seas. It measures 120 x 120cm and is painted in acrylic on canvas.
A large and imposing painting, ideal for a large room in a house or in some office space.

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