The DNA Clock & The DNA Lifeboat


Birth can be considered as the ‘tick’ of an internal DNA clock which at once specifies the individuals life span and also the species longevity as a whole.


Death provides essential conditions for survival. It prevents an over crowding of an ecology by organisms with strands of DNA (or RNA) that are superseded by better equipped conjugations of DNA present in the offspring of individuals.

The only real measure of success that DNA is interested in is whether DNA continues to exsist or indeed fails. A measure of this success can be estimated at the death of an individual.

There are two elements to this estimation.

  1. Firstly, an individual can be sum-mated as a list of actions that were favourable to DNA’s survival and those that harm its continuation. Therefore, it is not merely procreation that favours survival of DNA but also actions of all individuals that allow the next generations to flourish and/or perish.
  2. The other measure of success is that the offspring that survive a particular individual are sum-mated at their death to be favourable or harmful to the survival of DNA.

At different times the same action or offspring could either favour or harm the continuation of DNA as a whole.

The judgment of an individual ‘in these terms’ is at once calculable, but underestimated at death, but continues to be calculated and refined as each new generation adds it’s score of viability at the end of their life.

‘Thus, we are finite in our sequence and infinite in our consequence.’

Mat Jupe



Science Fiction: The DNA Life-boat


An entity created DNA as a Life-Boat. It is the solution to surviving the finite set of physical laws that we call our space time universe, until conditions become favourable again and the entity can un-pack itself from the DNA lifeboat and experience the physical conditions it most enjoys.

Perhaps the rarefied nature of space time at present would normally extinguish the consciousness that wishes to survive these conditions. Just as Homo sapiens developed clothes to allow it to survive temperatures that would normally kill the individual organisms, DNA itself is a phenotypical expression of a consciousness that remains dormant whilst conditions are unfavourable.

The entity uses external materials and mechanics, found in the universe to form external adaptations (organisms) to allow it to continue to adjust and change in order to survive as the universe progresses to another set of favourable conditions for the entity.

Mat Jupe